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October 2000

May 2000

January 2000

The SoundPost – Op VI #3  (October 2000) Ariel Witbeck, Editor
The California Music Festival was a success. An overwhelming project for so few actual “workers.” A HUGE thank you to those who provided food, housing, transportation, music, performed, coached, attended the concerts, brought others to hear, supervised and arranged for facilities, cleaned up, etc., you name it, there was lots to do … and to think Jim Greening put it all together while in New York and in Europe!

The quality of the music was high, the caliber of the players, excellent, and the camaraderie, the best. The only down side was the last minute reneges which put an even greater load on the already overloaded few who were at work on this. Next year we will know more of the “to do” and “not to.”

We have a very nice scrapbook of our “past”, thanks to Rubi Wenzel. Does anyone have photos of the festival to include? Please call Ariel 837-3814 if you do, or just send to 108
Belgian Drive, Danville, CA 94526.

Coming Events

CCSA Recital (For any age, teacher, or student.)

Diablo Valley College, M101
Sunday, November 5, 2000 at 6:30 PM.

Call Harriet White at 925-946-1770 to be included on the program, or submit the name, instrument, and accompanist’s name of your student to Harriet by mail. The registration deadline is Friday November 3. Even if you are not performing, these have been very exciting, so plan to attend.

Young Artist Competition 2001

This year our competition final is on Monday, January 15. (Yes, Martin Luther King Day, a holiday.) Preliminaries will be held the weekend before, on Saturday January 6, and Sunday January 7. See the schedule below.

Contact Harriet White for applications and further details (925-946-1770). Registrations must be postmarked by December 10, 2000.

Young Artist Preliminaries (Two day schedule):

    Preliminary (First Day)
    Jan. 6, 2001 (Saturday)   • Cello (all divisions)
    8:00 am to 4:30 pm.   • Junior Violin
    Diablo Valley College, M101   • Intemediate Violin
        • Elementary Violin

    Preliminary (Second Day)
    Jan 7, 2001 (Sunday)   • Senior Violin
    8:00 am until finished.   • Violas
    Diablo Valley College, M101  

Young Artist Finals:

    Young Artist Finals
    January 15, 2001 (Monday - MLKJ Day)  • All divisions (TBA)
    1:00 & 3:15 pm   
    Rolling Hills Church,
    1565 Green Valley Road, Danville 94526
    (925) 838-7729

The SoundPost – Op VI #2   May 2000  Ariel Witbeck, Editor

The CCSA Student Recital April 30 was the best attended ever. The Recital Hall at DVC was filled! There were 25 students scheduled: 12 cellos, 13 violins. This represented three studios: John Blasquez, Harriet White, and Ariel Witbeck.

What better way to encourage string playing than giving the beginner through advanced student this kind of growing experience? We thank Harriet for putting it together, as well as providing refreshements. Thanks go to Marisa and Richard Hsu also, for “goodies” and serving.

You are invited to a performance of the Contra Costa Youth Orchestra, I and II directed by Greg Mazamanian, on Fri. night June 2, 7:30 PM at Grace Presbyterian Church, 2100 Tice Valley Blvd.,Walnut Creek. This is sponsored by the Sierra Chamber Society and feature the two orchestras.

Many of the players are our Young Artist winners. Come and hear why they have become so successful that they are now double in size. WE ARE DOING OUR “PURPOSE”: To “FOSTER THE GROWTH OF STRING PLAYING IN CONTRA COSTA COUNTY.”

The big news is that the Contra Costa String Association now has a web site! Look for us at:

The SOUNDPOST will be there for reference. And there is an archive of past issues of the Soundpost. So if you misplace your Soundpost, you can always find it online. If you plan to read the SoundPost online, and you don't care to receive it in the mail, please let us know, as it would save us some expense.

If any of you want to tell me of a concert or whatever, my email is: (There is always 837-3814, too.)

The CCSA Membership Directories are in the works, so look for them soon. Next time we publish the directory, we want everyone’s email addresses in it. Send your email address to John Blasquez. He will see that it get's into next year's directory.

Rubi Wenzel is putting together a scrapbook. If you have any photos or articles you would like to submit, please call her. 283-8003.

The Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra will feature a former Young Artist winner, Sharon Bogas, the Dvorak Cello Concerto, Sat. May 20 at 8 PM at Los Medanos College, Recital Hall. Repeat at the Regional Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek on Sun. May 21 at 7:30 PM.

And the same night and time 7:30 PM at Walnut Creek Presbyterian, The Pianorama, which will include a performance of Bachianas Brazilieras #5 by Villa-Lobos for 8 cellos (plus soprano, Karen Anderson) augmented to make 10.

The Diablo Valley College Chamber Orchestra will play also that same night, May 21 7:30 PM at DVC, doing many string works.

The Antioch Strolling Strings, conducted by Betty Lawrence, will perform May 23, 7:30 PM at the Antioch Senior Center, E Street at 2nd Ave., Antioch.

The SoundPost — Op VI #1   January 2000 Ariel Witbeck, Editor

    The Benefit Concert in December was a success with the many young artists who performed to thank. The consensus of opinion was to do it again!

    On Jan. 8, the concert by violinist Matthew Reichert was excellent, and the Master Class at Los Medanos College was very informative. We thank Betty Lawrence for "orchestrating" that.

    The CCSA Young Artist Competition was as great as ever. Kudos to all! Here are the results:

    Vamos Award 1st place Mina Lee
    2nd Place Timothy Hsu
    Honorable Mention Michael Treachler
    Senior 1st place Chris Grafton
    2nd Place Brenda Yee
    Honorable Mention Deborah Kim
    Intermediate 1st place Mina Lee
    2nd Place Timothy Hsu
    Honorable Mention Michael Treachler
    Elementary 1st place Christine Hsia
    2nd Place Nolan Yee
    Senior Harry Turner Award Kathy Kwon
    2nd Place Franzisca Doll
    Junior 1st place Matthew Kan
    2nd Place Claire Liu
    Honorable Mention Jennifer Tzeng
    Intermediate 1st place Jim Liu
    2nd Place Haniko Hjersman
    Honorable Mention Caroline Kan
    Honorable Mention Keith Tsang
    Elementary 1st place Sophia Zhang
    2nd Place Carson Kong
    Honorable Mention Ramaya Parameswaren

    Other finalists included: Crystal Leung, Natalie Reed
    Emily Burlingame, Amanda Sims, Albert Chang, Robert Corselli, and Vinay Parameswaren. Congratulations to them as well.

    We thank Harriet White for putting it all together, all the contestants, accompanists, and parents. And the teachers: Virginia Baker, Laurie Carlson, Anne Crowden, Doris Fukawa, Betty Lawrence, Greg Mazmanian, Art Peterson, Ariel Witbeck, Jenny Rudin, Jill Brindel, Leighton Fong, and Mildred Rosner.

    We also thank the preliminary judges: Sherrill Pfeiffer, Charles Reider, Wendy Reynolds, Sharon Green, and the finals judges, Charles Blossom, Steven Evans, and Loren Tayerle.

    The Diablo Valley College Chamber Orchestra has openings for 1st violin, including concert-master, and viola. Call the conductor, Loren Tayerle at 408-499-0437, or come Tues. 7PM at DVC M104. Next Concert is Sunday April 9, 7 PM featuring Ariel Witbeck, cello, plus a violinist that could be YOU. CALL him! They need you!!

    REMINDER: Dues are Due!  Adult: $25 Couples: $35 Families: $40 Students: $10. Make check out to CCSA and send immediately to:
      John Blasquez  2000 Solveig Dr.  Walnut Creek   94596 CA

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