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I began creating the SingingWood web site in mid-September 1999. As it stands, the SingingWood site has a number of shortcomings. Presently it remains a work in progress, and you'll find plenty of rough edges.

However, because the Singingwood site has proved useful to me and to those who visit it, I've decided to leave the site open as it evolves.

My purpose in creating the SingingWood web site is primarily:

   • to promote my music lessons and educational materials
   • to promote my music performances
   • to disseminate information about music
   • to help foster connections in the music community

Overall the task has proved easier than I expected. However, the incorporation of the digital audio and MIDI music tracks has been rather taxing. Also I created "help" pages for those who encounter trouble getting the music to play. So the addition of more music and content slowed— but its coming!

Many pages on the site are unfinished, actually they're nearly blank, because they're barely started. Usually these are the promotional pages. Since launching this site I haven't had need to further promote my services, so the site has grown mostly in informative and educational directions. In the near future I hope to develop the promotional pages, some of which remain empty or under construction at this time.)

Like walking through a remodeling project, you'll find construction materials, tools, drop cloths, test patches strewn about. Sorry about that.

And you may haplessly encounter numerous dead ends — dangling links that lead no where. Clicking on these brings up an 404 error page. This simply means that the link is not yet (or is no longer) wired to anything. In other words, there's an overburdened, overly ambitious, or lazy web master behind the scenes.

These inconveniences exist because I decided to construct much of this site's framework first, adding the content after determining that the pages and links function properly.

Also, occasionally I accidentally upload an unfinished page, a page that I've started reworking, or one that I've failed to carefully proofread. If you find an asterisk (*) or a series of asterisks, indeed you've found a place that I've marked for addition or correction, and this is a sure sign that I have posted the page inadvertently.

I've got lots in store. So I hope you visit the SingingWood site again.

I'm interested in any comments. And please let me know if you notice mistakes or typos — is that how you spell typos?

John Blasquez

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SingingWood Home Page